Hardware provisioning for Asqatasun

Minimal hardware requirements

  • RAM: 4 Gb
  • CPU: dual core (the more, the faster)
  • Disk: 10Gb

Notes on disk performance / usage

  • For large (>10000 pages) and repetitive audits, a hardware RAID controller increases performances in a really significant way !
  • Statistically speaking, an audited page is about 0.3Mb on disk.

Network flow

Source host Destination host Destination port Detail
Asqatasun host the internet 80 Site to be audited
Asqatasun host the internet 443 Site to be audited
Asqatasun host Asqatasun host 8009 AJP connector
Asqatasun host Asqatasun host 3306 Mysql
Asqatasun host SMTP host 25 / 465 SMTP
Asqatasun host Asqatasun host 7055 to 7085 Embedded Firefox

Next step

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