Release a stable version of Asqatasun

This is the documentation for releasing a new stable version for Asqatasun. As an end user, you won't need it, it is just for developers.

1) Prepare

  • Add an entry for this release
  • In a cumulative way, add all the data of previous betas and RCs (reader should have all details between from previous stable release and this one, without having to dig into the previous betas and RCs). For this:

2) Update (THE readme from top directory):

  • copy/paste changelog in section "Content of this last version"

3) Upgrade version strings in code with

cd engine/asqatasun-resources/src/main/resources/release/
./ --from-version X.Y.Z-SNAPSHOT --to-version X.Y.Z --automerge --commit --tag
./ --from-version X.Y.Z-SNAPSHOT --to-version X.Y.Z --automerge --commit --tag

do not use the --push option

(We don't push yet, do the testing stuff before :) )

4) Build local Docker image with locally build Asqatasun

...and check release is the good one + run some manual tests

cd /tmp/Asqatasun   # Directory used to clone Github repos
docker/ --skip-build -s /tmp/Asqatasun -d docker/SNAPSHOT-local

5) Push master branch and new X.Y.Z tag

git push origin master
git push origin v.X.Y.Z

6) For develop branch, switch back release strings to "-SNAPSHOT"

cd /tmp/Asqatasun   # Directory used to clone Github repos
git checkout develop
git rebase master
cd engine/asqatasun-resources/src/main/resources/release/
./ --from-version X.Y.Z --to-version X.Y.Z+1-SNAPSHOT --source-dir /tmp/Asqatasun
find . -name "pom.xml" | xargs git add -u :/
find . -name "Dockerfile" | xargs git add -u :/
git add **/ 
git add **/asqatasun.conf
git add ansible/asqatasun/defaults/main.yml
git commit -m "Switch release to X.Y.Z+1-SNAPSHOT"
git push origin develop

7) In Github:

  • Copy/paste Changelog to Github Release comment field
  • Upload the .tar.gz files
    • /tmp/Asqatasun/web-app/asqatasun-web-app/target/asqatasun-X.Y.Z.i386.tar.gz
    • /tmp/Asqatasun/runner/asqatasun-runner/target/asqatasun-runner-X.Y.Z.i386.tar.gz

8) Update that "latest" points to the last release.

9) In Github, define this tag as "Release"

(as this one is the actual Release and not a pre-release)

10) In Asqatasun Docker hub

  • Add a dedicated build for the Github tag with the same tag as Docker tag (while waiting to have a working regexp :) ).
  • Add another dedicated build for the Github tag with latest as Docker tag

11) Launch prepared announces:

  • forum
  • Tweet
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn groups + LinkedIn profiles
  • LinuxFR
  • TooLinux

11) Update W3C ERT list

... on

11) Celebrate and have a beer !