AccessiWeb 2.2 - Rule 11.14.2


This test consists in checking whether some help tools are provided for each text field

Business description

Criterion : 11.14

Test : 11.14.2

Test description :

Does each field of type text pass one of the conditions below, if necessary?

  • A spell checking tool is available
  • typing suggestions are available

Level : Gold

Technical description

Scope : page

Decision level : semidecidable



  • All the input tags within a form with a "type" attribute equals to:

    • "text"
    • or "password"
  • AND all the textarea tags within a form


The selection handles the process.

For each occurence of the selection raise a MessageA

MessageA : Check Manually the elements
  • code :ManualCheckOnElements
  • status: NMI
  • parameter : tag name
  • present in source : yes


Not Applicable

Selection is empty


The selection is not empty


We only detect the elements of the scope of the test to determine whether the test is applicable