AccessiWeb 2.2 - Rule 13.1.2


This test consists in checking whether a refresh action declared via the meta tag is immediate

Business description

Criterion : 13.1

Test : 13.1.2

Test description :

For each Web page, is each redirect process initiated via the meta tag immediate (except in special cases)?

Level : Bronze

Technical description

Scope : page

Decision level : decidable



Set1 : All the <meta> tags within a head with a http-equiv attribute equals to "refresh" and a content attribute that contains the "URL" or "url" occurence.


Test1 :

We check whether the size of Set1 is equal to 1.

Test2 :

If Test1 is TRUE, we extract the delay value of the refresh regarding the definition of meta tag (@see Note)

Then we check whether the delay value is superior to 0. If true raise a message A

Message 1: Not Immediate Redirection via Meta
  • code : NotImmediateRedirectionViaMeta
  • status: Failed
  • parameter : tag name
  • present in source : yes


Not Applicable

  • The Set1 is empty
  • Test1 returns FALSE


  • Test2 returns TRUE


  • Test2 returs FALSE


We assume that the meta tag has to be defined has follows:

<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="delay;URL=\'URL\'">