Asqatasun v4 - Summary

Asqatasun v4 - Scenario audit of accessibility with Asqatasun

Quick steps (for the impatient)

  1. Have a Firefox ESR 52 and download SeBuilder extension
  2. Record your scenario (Selenium 2 format)
  3. Replay locally your scenario to verify it works
  4. Upload the scenario to Asqatasun
  5. Run the scenario audit

Step 1 - Prerequisite

Firefox ESR 52 + SeBuilder

You need a Firefox ESR 52 browser with the SeBuilder extension to record scenarios. Asqatasun scenarios are based on Selenium. The format is Selenium 2 and scenarios are stored in JSON style.

Step 2 - Define and record the scenario

Define a scenario

Let say we are in London at Piccadilly Circus and want to go to Monument. Let use the Transport for London website to help us define our journey. We want to evalutate the accessibility of the following pages:

Let's begin.

Record the scenario

Step 3 - Verify and adjust the scenario

This verification is important. Asqatasun just replays the scenario, he can't check whether or not the scenario is actually what you wanted (!).

Please refer to Asqatasun scenario advanced usage if the scenario does not replay the way you'd like.

Step 4 - Upload the scenario to Asqatasun

Step 5 - Launch the audit of the scenario

Eventually, set options then launch the audit.

The scenario audit is ran in asynchronous mode, meaning you will receive an email when the audit is done (depending on the lenght of the audit, but typically a few minutes).

Step 6 - See the results

(If the number of pages is not the expected one, please check Asqatasun scenario advanced usage)

You may then explore the detail of each audited page.

Scenarios are a powerful tool. Once created a scenario can be executed over and over providing also regression testing in addition of accessibility testing.