Asqatasun v4 - Summary

Asqatasun v4 - Debugging Asqatasun

Increase log level

To increase log level, modify the file


...and selectively replace INFO by DEBUG.

You can also add specific log on a given package. For instance you are troubleshooting the package org.asqatasun.util.http, you can add a dedicated log level to this very package by adding:

Observe Firefox WebDriver Display

Idea: to actually see the headless Firefox (no more headless thus).

  1. service xvfb stop
  2. xhost +
  3. Modify /etc/default/tomcat8 to remplace -Ddisplay=:99 by -Ddisplay=:0.0
  4. service tomcat8 restart

When firing up an audit, you will see a Firefox window appearing and the page being loaded (page-audit) or the scenario executed (scenario-audit).