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Component Description

This component is responsible for the fetch of all the pages to be tested. In case of page audit, only one page (corresponding to the filled-in URL) is fetched. In case of site audit, the whole site is fetched (regarding limitations like depth, maximum number of pages or maximum duration)




One or several WebResource (that hosts the URL of the element) and the corresponding contents (that hosts the content of the page)

Introduction to Heritrix

Heritrix is the Internet Archive's open-source, extensible, Web-scale, archival-quality Web crawler. It is used as crawler for site-wide audits in Asqatasun.

Heritrix is Spring-container-based configuration software which enables to tune settings values and integrate alternate compatible implementations of components.

Heritrix Architecture

Much of the crawler's work is specified by the sequential application of swappable Processor modules. These Processors are collected into three "chains:"

  1. CandidateChain - This chain is applied to URIs being considered for inclusion in the crawl, before a URI is enqueued for collection.
  2. FetchChain - This chain is applied to URIs during collection.
  3. DispositionChain - This chain is applied after a URI is fetched, analyzed, and link-extracted.

These chains are fed by a Frontier

Heritrix processor chains