Asqatasun v4 - Summary

Asqatasun v4 - Crawler management

Increase number of pages per site audit (aka maxDocuments or max-documents)

By default a site audit is restricted to 1'000 pages to avoid useless disk space consumption. To increase this value, you should do the following steps.

1. Edit file tgol-beans-audit-set-up-form.xml

From the webapp directory (typically /var/lib/tomcat8/webapps/asqatasun), edit file WEB-INF/conf/mvc/form/tgol-beans-audit-set-up-form.xml.

In section <bean id="maxDocumentsFormFieldBuilder", set the desired value:

<property name="maxValue" value="1000"/>

2. Edit file tgol-beans-contract-management.xml

Same way, edit file WEB-INF/conf/mvc/form/tgol-beans-contract-management.xml.

In section <bean id="maxDocumentsOptionFormFieldBuilder", set the same value as you used above:

<property name="maxValue" value="1000"/>

3. Restart Tomcat

service tomcat8 restart

Disable compliance to robots.txt rules

By default, Asqatasun obeys to the rules from the robots.txt.

You may need to bypass these rules. This is not a good practice and is not recommanded. But if you absolutely need it, you will have to do the following.

  1. From your webapp directory (typically /var/lib/tomcat8/webapps/asqatasun), modify the file WEB-INF/conf/crawler/asqatasun-crawler-beans-site.xml
  2. Locate the entry <bean id="metadata" class="org.archive.modules.CrawlMetadata" autowire="byName">
  3. Add underneath the property <property name="robotsPolicyName" value="ignore"/>
  4. Restart Tomcat

The whole stanza would look like this:

    <!-- CRAWL METADATA: including identification of crawler/operator -->
    <bean id="metadata" class="org.archive.modules.CrawlMetadata" autowire="byName">
        <property name="operatorContactUrl" value="[see override above]"/>
        <property name="jobName" value="[see override above]"/>
        <property name="description" value="[see override above]"/>
        <property name="userAgentTemplate" value="asqatasun +@OPERATOR_CONTACT_URL@"/>
        <property name="robotsPolicyName" value="ignore"/>