Asqatasun v4 - Summary

Asqatasun v4 - AccessiWeb 2.2 - Rule 6.6.1


This test checks whether the page contains empty links.

Business description

Criterion : 6.6

Test : 6.6.1

Test description : On each Web page, does each link (a tag), except in named anchors, have a text between <a> an </a>?

Level : Bronze

Technical description

Scope : page

Decision level : decidable



Set1 : All the <a> tags of the page that are not an anchor (a:not([name]):not([id]) )

Set2 : All the tags from Set1 that have an empty text (including children text) and that have not children with a not empty alt attribute


The selection handles the process.


Not Applicable

Set1 is empty (The page has no <a> tag)


Set2 is empty (The page only contains not empty links)


Set2 is not empty. For each element of Set2, raise a Message1

Message 1 : Empty link


A <a> tag is seen as an anchor if and only if it has either a name or an id attribute (assuming the definition of an anchor in AccessiWeb 2.2)