Asqatasun v4 - Summary

Asqatasun v4 - AccessiWeb 2.2 - Rule 10.8.3


This test consists in checking whether the background color of each text of an object, applet or embed tag can be controlled by the user

Business description

Criterion : 10.8

Test : 10.8.3

Test description :

For each block of text inside of an object, applet or embed element, can background colour be controlled by the user?

Level : Gold

Technical description

Scope : page

Decision level : semidecidable



Selection1 : All the embed, applet and object tags (embed, applet, object)


The selection handles the process. For each occurence of the Selection1 raise a MessageA MessageA : Check Manually the elements code :ManualCheckOnElements status: NMI parameter : snippet present in source : yes


Not Applicable

Selection is empty (The page has neither object, nor applet nor embed tag)


The selection is not empty


We detect the elements of the scope of the test to determine whether the test is applicable.

On latest webdev data set (2013-10-30, 78,000 pages), the test scope (embed, applet, object) has been found on 6795 pages, i.e on 8.7% of the pages