Asqatasun v4 - Summary

Asqatasun v4 - AccessiWeb 2.2 - Rule 13.6.2


This test consists in checking whether each downloadable file provide information about its weight

Business description

Criterion : 13.6

Test : 13.6.2

Test description :

On each Web page, does each file to download via a link or a form have information about its weight (except in special cases)?

Level : Bronze

Technical description

Scope : page

Decision level : semidecidable



Set1 : All the <a> tags with an href attribute (a[href])

Set2: All the elements from Set1 with an "href" attribute that does not contain a fragment (presence of the hash sign (#))

Set3 : All the elements from Set2 that have a proper extension (no parameters, a path after the domain that contains a "." character)

Set4 : All the <form> tags (form)



For each element of Set3, we check whether the content of the href attribute of the link ends with an extension that belongs to the downloadable document extension list

For each element returning true in Test1, raise a Message1


IF Test1 returns false, we check whether the size of Set2 is equals to size of Set3. In other words, we verify that all the links of the page have a well-defined extension.

If Test2 returns false (some links have no extension on the page), raise a Message2.


If Test2 returns true (all the links have a well-defined extension that belongs to the web content extension list), we check whether Set4 is empty (the page contains forms that may lead to a downloadable document).

If Test3 returns false (some form are found on the page), raise a Message3.

Message1: File To Download Detected, check weight
Message2: Check manually links without extension
Message3: Check downloadable document from form




In all other cases


We assume that a targetted document (pointed by the href attribute of the link) can be characterized by its extension.

Here is the content of the downloadable document extension list (feel free to help us improving it or to criticise it) :