Contributing to Asqatasun

:+1: First off, thanks for taking the time to contribute! :+1:

We are really glad to have you on board !

Fill in bug reports

Fill in bug report.

Contribution to the code / Pull Request


Pre-requisites for Ubuntu 16.04

Choose or create an issue

Either choose an existing issue on which you'd like to work or create a new one. Identify its id. For example, the id of is 115, we'll use it later.

Fork the project

From Github, fork the project. You've got your own personal Asqatasun under your Github user environment (<user>/Asqatasun).

Work locally

git clone<user>/Asqatasun.git
     # instead of:   git clone
cd Asqatasun
git checkout develop
git checkout -b <id-of-issue>-fix
     # git checkout -b 115-fix

(Note: create a branch based on the develop branch. Master is meant to be directly usable in production, thus only contains tagged releases).


Add your code, do your commits.

Test locally with Docker

./docker/  --source-dir $(pwd) --docker-dir docker/SNAPSHOT-local

Check in your browser at http://localhost:8085/asqatasun/. You may compare with

Upload to your personal repos

git push origin <id-of-issue>-fix
     # git push origin 115-fix

Create the Pull Request / Merge Request

Create it:

Validate, a maintainer will review and hopefully merge your pull request.

Thank you for contributing to Asqatasun !


Those resources are meant to help:

Sources of inspiration for