Link checking

With filiph/LinkCheck

We tend to use filiph/LinkCheck to verify links. Two docker images are available: the official one and the one we created for testing purpose

linkcheck http://localhost:1313/en/

To check internal links directly in the markdown files (which is faster when you write doc, and easier as you have the correct line number), we use Remark-validate-links, which is in fact a plugin for RemarkJS.

Local installation: sudo npm install --global remark-cli remark-validate-links

To check links locally (from the root of the repository):

remark -u validate-links content/
linkcheck -e --skip-file .gitlab/config/linkcheck-skip-STAGING.txt --no-check-anchors
linkcheck -e --skip-file .gitlab/config/linkcheck-skip-PROD.txt --no-check-anchors

Work is in progress: Implement link validation with filiph/LinkCheck