You should have already done these steps:

  1. Check Hardware provisioning
  2. Download Asqatasun
  3. Check pre-requisites

(Ever need help ? Go to Asqatasun Forum.)

Execute the installation script

sudo ./ --database-user <Asqatasunu_dababase_user> \
                  --database-passwd <Asqatasun_dababase_password> \
                  --database-db <Asqatasun_dababase_dbname> \ 
                  --database-host <Asqatasun_dababase_hostname> \ 
                  --asqatasun-url <Asqatasun_webapp_url> \
                  --tomcat-webapps <tomcat_webapps_directory> \
                  --tomcat-user <tomcat_unix_user> \
                  --asqa-admin-email <Asqatasun_admin_email> \
                  --asqa-admin-passwd <Asqatasun_admin_password> \
                  --firefox-esr-binary-path <path_to_Firefox_ESR_binary> \
                  --display-port <Xorg_display_port>

Script options description

  • –database-user : MySQL user for Asqatasun
  • –database-passwd : Password of the user specified by –database-user. if this user already exists, please ensure you give its correct password. If not, the user will be automatically created.
  • –database-db : Database for Asqatasun
  • –asqatasun-url : URL where asqatasun will be deployed (e.g. http://localhost:8080/asqatasun)
  • –tomcat-webapps : Tomcat webapps directory, without trailing slash (e.g. /var/lib/tomcat8/webapps)
  • –tomcat-user : Unix user name for the tomcat service (e.g. tomcat8)
  • –asqa-admin-email : Email of the Asqatasun admin user (by the way, it’s you !)
  • –asqa-admin-passwd : The asqatasun application admin password
  • –firefox-esr-binary-path : Path to Firefox-ESR binary (e.g. /opt/firefox/firefox) you installed in Asqatasun pre-requisites.
  • –display-port : Xorg display port (e.g. “:99”). For debug purpose, you may want asqatasun to display firefox instances in the current X session (for desktop). In this case, use “:0” as value and execute the “xhost +” in a terminal to authorize the process (owned by tomcat) to use the X server.

Example of install-script invocation

sudo ./ --database-user asqatasun \
                  --database-passwd $MyAsqatasunPassWord \
                  --database-db asqatasun \
                  --database-host localhost \
                  --asqatasun-url http://localhost:8080/asqatasun/ \
                  --tomcat-webapps /var/lib/tomcat8/webapps \
                  --tomcat-user tomcat8 \
                  --asqa-admin-email \
                  --asqa-admin-passwd toto42 \
                  --firefox-esr-binary-path /opt/firefox/firefox \
                  --display_port :99

Next step

You can go to Add an Apache frontend.