RGAA 3.0 Theme 5: Tables

RGAA 3.0 Theme 5: Tables

Criterion 5.1

Does each complex data table have a summary?

Criterion 5.2

For each complex data table with a summary, is this summary relevant?

Criterion 5.3

For each layout table, is the linearized content still understandable?

Criterion 5.4

Does each data table have a title?

Criterion 5.5

For each data table with a title, is this title relevant?

Criterion 5.6

For each data table, are each column header and each row header correctly identified?

Criterion 5.7

For each data table, is each cell associated with its header using the appropriate technique?

Criterion 5.8

Each layout table must not use elements intended for data tables. Has this rule been followed?