Definition of Done

Release Definition of Done

Here is the Definition of done. This is meant to be copy/pasted in an issue to follow the progression of the release process. Example Issue #517 Producing Asqatasun release 5.0.0-beta.1 –> checklist


  • CI is green
  • An audit ran on 3 random web pages is checked by a human and all results are correct


  • Docker repos and its documentation are up-to-date
  • Docker images are functional and published on Docker Hub


  • Documentation repos is up-to-date, especially install doc and upgrade doc.
  • CHANGELOG is up-to-date
  • Content of the main README is curated (and kept simple)
  • Release Note for the final version is written
  • List of results per test (passed, failed, NMI, NA, Not Tested) is up-to-date


  • A message is posted on the Forum to announce the release + explain new features (get inspired by what Gitlab Inc does)
  • Publish announce on Masto + Element