Four kinds of audits

Asqatasun offers 4 kinds of audit. Choose the suitable kind depending on your need.

Typical usages for Page audit

  • the typical audit you run on a page to have insights about its level of accessibility (be it a quick view, or an in-depth study with Assisted Audit)

Typical usages for Scenario audit

  • automatically measure a form that is split in several pages
  • assess the page given by a search result
  • audit a web application (full JS, AngularJS, ExtJS...)
  • measure different states of a very same page

Typical usages for Site audit

  • have a global overview the accessibility level of an entire website (say 50'000 pages)
  • identify pages or parts of a site with excessive accessibility issues

Typical usages for Offline file audit

  • A developer is creating a template which is still on its machine (not yet on the webserver), and wants to have an early statement of accessibility
  • User wants to audit an intranet page (not connected to the internet). Just save the page and send it as offline file to Asqatasun

Comparison of audits

Audit Page Scenario Site Offline file
DOM / Generated HTML support YES YES No No
Deals with CSS YES YES No No
Deals with colors YES YES No No
Comply with robots.txt Not Applicable Not Applicable YES Not Applicable