How to install Hugo on Debian-based linux distributions

Hugo basics

  • All content is written in Markdown, and placed in content/ directory.
  • Configuration of the website is in config/ directory.
  • Once build, the generated website is placed in static/ directory (important for Gitlab Pages).
  • Themes may be used, they are placed in themes/ directory. Please note they are inserted as git submodules.

Creating a new page

From the repository’s root:

hugo new  "Developer/Documentation/"

You must be at the root of the repo. This prevents shell from auto-completing the path :( A workaround consists in auto-completing with shell, then removing the beginning of the path, here content/en/.

Hugo integration within IntelliJ

  • Plugin Hugo Integration
  • Or directly within IntelliJ: File > Settings > Plugins, then search Hugo

Run Hugo locally

From the repository’s root:

hugo server --forceSyncStatic --watch --i18n-warnings --disableFastRender

Then browse http://localhost:1313/