Data Model

Data model

Asqatasun data model

Main parts of the model

audit is the main entity, at the center of the model.

The Accessibility business part (lower right in the model) gathers tests, criteria, themes and references (like RGAA).

The web_resource entity is the object that is audited, whether a single page or whole site. Its companion entity content holds the true content, i.e. the HTML, CSS, JS blocs. These entities are grouped in the Content part (left part of the model).

At the lower left part of the model resides the Results part. Its main entity is process_result, which holds the actual detailed result of a test for a given audit.

The Parameters part (center top in the model) groups all the parameters an audit can have (which referential, which level, etc).

At the top center of the model, we find the tags part. Tags, in Asqatasun v5.0, are used only by the API. They provide an easy way to grab a group of audits.

The Contract part (top right in the model) defines the projects a user can have.

Detailed description: contract

functionality holds the type of audit a contract can do: page, site, file upload, scenario or manual. contract_functionality is the association table between a given contract and the type of audits it is allowed to run.

referential lists the available referentials (RGAA3, RGAA4, SEO…). contract_referential is the association table between a given contract and the referential(s) against which it is allowed to run audits.