Asqatasun configuration

URL of the Asqatasun instance app.webapp.ui.config.webAppUrl

  • URL
  • Default value: http://localhost:8080/
  • Complete URL to connect to web-application. This option is needed to send info and links by email ; for instance when a long audit is terminated, or when recovering a lost password.
  • Examples:
    • http://localhost:8080/

Add analytics (Matomo)


  • URL
  • Default value: empty
  • Example:


  • Integer
  • Default value: empty
  • The id given by Matomo for monitoring the Asqatasun instance
  • Example: 11

Custom additional logo

Add your own logo next to Asqatasun logo.


  • Base64 encoded image
  • Default value: empty
  • Example: ...


  • Text
  • Default Value: empty
  • The alternative text for the logo


  • Inline CSS
  • Default Value: empty
  • Custom inline CSS to adjust the logo
  • Example: margin-top:3px; margin-left:3px;

Crash report


  • Boolean
  • Default value: true
  • If the application ever crashes, a message with the stack trace can be sent by email. The recipient of the message is defined by app.webapp.ui.config.krashReportMailList.


  • Email
  • Default value:
  • List of emails (comma-separated list) used to send crash reports. If enableKrashReport property is set to false, this option is ignored, but has to be present, even empty.